Build a Color Mockup of your Site as Part of your Development Plan

Creating a color mockup of your site is an important design step.

Carry the same color scheme from the landing page to the exit page to provide a consistent look and feel.

Color contributes to the mood and impact of the site. People respond to color in a subjective way, but there are general psychological principals that help decide what colors to use. It is the combination of colors that triggers the individual visitor’s emotional response.

This means that you should choose the colors of a future-proofed site carefully, and ensure that these colors are consistent throughout the entire site.

Choose colors after you:

  • Define the mood of your site
  • Decide what colors will evoke this mood
  • Decide how color will integrate in your design
  • Decide how colors will be used to organize the site's content

Web-safe Colors

Web-safe colors are not really a concern for future-proofed Websites. Modern monitors have no difficulty displaying tens of thousands of subtle colors. However, just because you can do it, this does not mean that you should.

You should choose your color palet carefully, and stick to it.

CSS makes keeping your site consistent easy and doable, and CSS makes testing your colors in a mockup easy, too.

Here is a link to a HTML page that lists all the Web-safe colors. This page opens in a new window.

HTML Web-safe Colors

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