Use Goal-based Copywriting to Build a Development Plan that will Future-Proof your Web Site

Copywriting for the Web is different than for other media.

Web readers have short attention spans, and they are in a hurry. Sentences need to be short. Writers need to use lots of bullets, lists, tables.

Content is “King” on the Internet. This means that readers want information-rich text.

This also means that information has to be modular, granular... often with only a single idea on a page. Complex information has to be divided, and linked together.

Really complex information is often written as print information, i.e., white papers, reports, eBooks; and is made available as a download.

Writing for the Web also must be persuasive writing. The writing can be thought of as being similar to designing a garden, park or mall. Design decisions need to be based upon the path that visitors take through the information.

Future-Proofed Writing for the Web

Breadcrumbs, such as made famous in the Hansel and Gretel story are used on some Websites to show people where they are in the site. These Breadcrumbs also show visitors the way back out of a maze, and these Breadcrumbs help the visitor to backtrack through your maze of information.

But, copy writing is like baiting using Breadcrumbs. That is, similar to leaving a trail of tidbits to guide animals into a trap, or dribbling out a line of chopped fish to guide the big fish to the hook.

You must write in a way that guides Web visitors to what you want them to do:

  • Buy
  • Sign up
  • Download your white paper, report, software
  • Add your site to their “Bookmarked List”
  • Refer your site to their friends
  • Add your RSS feed to their list

Whatever you want the site visitor to do, Future-Proofed writing is writing with the intent to lead them to do it.

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Recommended Resource

The best book on this subject is:

Eisenberg, Bryan & Eisenberg, Jeffrey. (2005) Call to Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Onlike Results. Austin, TX: Wizards Academy Press. ISBN: 1-932226-39-7

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