Design Great Navigation to Future-Proof your Web Site

Designing site navigation is one of the most important design tasks facing Website developers.

The place where site navigation is developed and tested is called “Wireframing.”. Here is a link to a fuller explanation of Wireframing on this site.

Here are the ten most important ideas to take into account when designing Website navigation.

  • Make sure that all links go somewhere, and make sure that the visitor can get back from, or out of your pages.
  • Create a navigation scheme and stick to it. Make sure that the navigation is the same throughout the site.
  • Make sure that the audience understands how the site's navigation works
  • Make sure that the navigation loads quickly. Appease your visitors’ need for speed
  • Make sure that the text on navigation buttons is legible. Use appropriate fonts
  • Use a site map. The site map provides a backup system for visitors, and visitors appreciate your site for having one
  • Label all links to your pages. Make the meaning of these labels clear
  • Concentrate on ease-of-use for your visitors. Avoid gimmicks and fancy stuff
  • Know your audience. Understand there are special needs for easy to use navigation, such as larger print for older visitors. Many visitors to school district sites can be grandparents
  • Use sound appropriately, but avoid navigation sound effects. Absolutely insure that your sound effects stop when the visitor leaves your site

Here are links to more site design information on this site.