Screen Design to Future-Proof your Web Site

Screen design should...

  • Focus visitor attention on important information
  • Attract and maintain your interest
  • Map new information to information that visitors already know
  • Help visitors find information
  • Help visitors to navigate through the site
  • Screen design should include
    • Screen Grid and Layout (Prevent horizontal scrolling)
    • Line Length (Don't make visitors move their eyes sideways)
    • Screen Density (Add white space)
    • Font Selection & Leading (Make fonts readable and put spaces between letters)
    • Menus (Use CSS to style the menus. Avoid Javascript)
    • Buttons (If a rollover design is to be used, make this a single graphic)
    • Icons (Use if you can apply these consistently across the entire site. If you don't have control of the entire site, don't use them)
    • Color: Make sure that
      • Colors are compatible
      • Color contrasts guide the visitor's eyes
      • The number of colors used is limited

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