Discovering Requirements for Building a Development Plan that will Future-Proof your Web Site

Discovery is the detective-like, investigative sleuthing process that is the first step in a Web project.

With all the secrecy, that sponsors and clients place around their visions, desires and hopes for the site; this process is more like a private eye unraveling a liaison of indiscretion than interviewing a talkative, gregarious screen star.

Finding out what the sponsors or clients want and what the sponsors or clients expect should be as easy as asking them, but it is not easy.

Not only that, sometimes the sponsor or client knows what they want, but don't want to spend (or don't have) the megabucks required for hosting, server and bandwidth or design.

And there may be the touchy issue of the designer having to admit that the work that the sponsor or client wants cannot be done right now because the designer must take classes, study and upgrade skills before this can be done in-house. Sponsors or clients may not want to pay for outsourcing or subcontracting the work.

So, it is necessary to uncover the “truth” about what the sponsor or client wants in such a diplomatic, skillful way that requirements are framed as value and benefits of their choice; rather than telling them, “No, we can’t do that.”

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