Rough Sketch your Site as you Build a Development Plan that will Future-Proof your Web Site

The rough sketch is a mockup of the visual aspects of the site.

You create a rectangle that represents the screen dimensions and block out the elements of the design.

Here are some rules...

  • Block out the content first
  • Identify the other elements
    • Branding/ Logo
    • Navigation
    • Titles
    • Masthead Graphics
    • Footer
  • Assign each element a priority
  • Ensure that the elements are placed where the visitor expects them to be

A drawing program such as MS Visio™, ConteptDraw™ Freehand™ can be used for later designs.

Remember that scanning and skimming for information is the mode that most visitors take when examining Websites. Plan for this.

Here are links to more planning information on this site.