Site Planning for a Future-proofed Web Site

Site planning includes the following:

The site must produce "results" or someone in power will order it changed. Creating a site that produces positive outcomes is the most important future-proofing strategy of all!

The most important thing about Web site planning is to know who your audience is. Knowing who your audience is is the most important thing about Future proofing your Web site.

Even if you have a school district site, if the site was designed for administrators instead of students, teachers or parents; then sooner or later, there will be pressure to move to an online vendor for a Content Management System where teachers use word processing skills to update class information.

The most important thing about knowing your audience is how to fulfill their needs. This means knowing how to serve them.

It is useful to think of your audience as business customers who you need to persuade to buy something. When you think about your audience in this way, you:

  • Build their confidence in your information, service or product
  • Make it easy for them to get to the checkout page with a full shopping cart
  • Ask for the sale

In the same way, with a school district site, you design the site's navigation for the way that students, parents, teachers or prospective employees think...Not how district administrators structure and organize the district in their minds.

When sites are filling visitors' needs, and when visitors keep returning to the site, the site is said to be “Sticky.”

Creating a Sticky site is important to creating a Future-proofed site because, if visitors don't keep coming back, how can keeping the site in operation be justified?

(Link to more informtion about creating a Sticky site.)

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